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Temple where Lover couple plead for love

Here many couples bring their wedding wishes …

In this way, people go to all the temples to worship God and get blessings. But in these too, people reach out to some temples to wish for some special blessings. In such a situation, today we are telling you about a temple, in relation to which it is believed that when the loving couple comes with the desire of marriage, God definitely listens to them.

Actually every lover couple wants his love to be with her forever and both of them live life with each other. But this is not possible with everyone, many times where people are not able to achieve their love even after struggling a lot. At the same time, your family does not accept your relationship. So there is no need to worry too much, because today we are going to tell you about a temple, where it is believed that by pleading here every wish is fulfilled.

Yes, we are talking about Ishqiya Gajanand Temple of Jodhpur. This Ganesh ji temple located in the city of Perkote is also very important for lovers. Many couples bring their wedding wishes here, that is why the locals call this Ganesh temple as Ishqiya Gajanan’s temple.

It is said that every wish of lovers here is fulfilled. Here lovers couple reach with their love request. This is the reason that this temple of Lord Ganesha is known as ‘Ishqiya Gajanan Temple’. Also, devotees come to this temple more young than the elderly.

In this temple located in Ada Bazar Juni Mandi, inside the perkote of Jodhpur city, youth come to see Gajanand Lord to seek their relationship. It is believed that if the youth who wants to marry come to this temple and ask for a vow, then their relationship is soon fixed. Here, the relationship is fixed very soon after seeking a vow.

Before this name, this temple of Ganesha was known as Guru Ganapati. According to the local people, before marriage, the lovers used to visit this temple for the first time. People say that before marriage, couples used to come here to meet for the first time. Later, lovers also started coming here.

People say that when Ganpati started fulfilling the wishes of the loving couple, this temple became famous as Ishqiya Gajanan. It is said that most of the couples who come here reach for their love and pray that they get married.

Ishqiya Gajanan is said to fulfill the wishes of all the complainants who come here. Because of this, there would be a gathering of loving couples on every Wednesday. It is built in such a place that the people standing next to it do not see anyone easily from a distance. At the same time, in connection with this temple, it is said that a Ganapati statue was found in the excavation of the pujari and his family members here. This statue was first established under a peepal. Later it was installed in a temple here. Over the years, the recognition of people is increasing towards this temple.