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Mahadev became Neelkanth from this …

One of the main deities of Sanatan Hinduism is Bhagwan Shankar, who is also considered the god of destruction. Apart from this, Lord Shankar is also known by many names like Bhagwan Shiva or Bholenath or Neelkanth.

Lord Shiva is called Bholenath because of being very naive and simple. So in spite of being the god of destruction, to protect the world, after poisoning him, he was poisoned by him. Due to this, one of his names was also named Neelkanth.

You will also have many stories about drinking poison by Lord Shiva, but do you know the place where Lord Shiva drank this poison. If not, today we are telling you about the place where it is believed that Lord Shankar drank the poison here and after that he was also named Neelkanth.

In fact, Rishikesh of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand is also called the gateway of the Himalayas. The Neelkanth Mahadev Temple here is one of the main Shiva temples in North India. This Neelkanth Mahadev temple is situated on the Manikoot mountain near Rishikesh.

It is believed that the poison Shiva drank during the Samudra Manthan at this place. After drinking the poison, his throat turned blue, so he was called Neelkanth. It is said that when Lord Shiva took the poison, Parvati pressed her throat at the same time, so that the poison could not reach her stomach. In this way, the poison remained in his throat.

After poisoning, his throat became blue due to the venom remaining in his throat. Lord Shiva came to be known as Neelkanth due to his throat turning blue. There is also a water spring near the temple, where devotees take a bath before visiting the temple.

The temple is near Rishikesh city, but falls under Yamkeshwar block in Pauri district. Rishikesh to Neelkanth can be reached both by vehicle or on foot. There are three road routes to and from the vehicle.

On the way to Barrage or Brahmapuri one has to travel 35 km. The nearest road is from Ramjhula taxi stand. This route is 23 km. Swargashram is 11 km on foot from Ramjhula. While the distance from Rishikesh city is 15 km. Taxi to Laxmanjhula to go to Neelkanth Mahadev Temple. It can also be reached by private vehicle.