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The beginning and end of the month of Paush, with Guru Pushya, did not make such a lucky coincidence in the last 100 years | पौष महीने की शुरुआत और अंत गुरु पुष्य के साथ, पिछले 100 सालों में नहीं बना ऐसा शुभ संयोग

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  • The Beginning And End Of The Month Of Paush, With Guru Pushya, Did Not Make Such A Lucky Coincidence In The Last 100 Years

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  • This year, 5 Thursdays in Paush month will be auspicious, Makar Sankranti festival will also be celebrated only on Thursday.

Paush month starts on Thursday, December 31. This is the tenth month of the Hindu calendar which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. According to Pandit Ganesh Mishra, the astrologer of Kashi, this time the beginning and end of the month of Paush is happening in Gurupushya Yoga. This coincidence did not happen in the last 100 years. Due to the effect of this coincidence, the donations made in the month of Pausha and worship will double. This month will also benefit from shopping and introduction of new works. Pand Mishra said that the month of Pausha is the tenth month in Vikram Samvat. In fact, the month of the full moon in which the moon is in the constellation is named after that constellation. On the full moon of Paush month, the Moon resides in Pushya Nakshatra, hence it is called Paush.

Coincidence of 5 thursday
Starting from Thursday, this time in the month of Pausha, ending on Thursday, a coincidence of 5 Thursdays is also being formed. According to Pt. Mishra, due to the effect of this combination, time will be good for people connected with religion, education and politics. Major decisions related to these areas are being made. This is likely to improve economic conditions. There will also be ups and downs in the stock market. Gold, silver and grain prices will fluctuate. However, anti-national activities may increase. But the government will also be able to overcome them.

Month of Lord Vishnu and Surya Puja
In the month of Pausha, special worship should be done to Lord Vishnu and the Sun God. Brahmavaivarta Purana says that worshiping them eliminates all kinds of sins. In this, worshiping Lord Vishnu and listening to stories of his 24 incarnations is considered to be most fruitful. According to the texts, worshiping Lord Surya in the month of Pausha increases the lifespan and also keeps good health.

Good work will not be done for half a month
There will not be auspicious and auspicious works till January 14 due to Kharmas. Only worshiping God will be done. Due to Kharmas in the month of Pausha, religious work including chanting, charity, worship, Bhagwat and Ram Katha are done these days. It has been said in the scriptures that the donation made in the month of Pausha is manifold. Donations made this month fulfill wishes.