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The full moon day of Kartik month on 29th and 30th November,kartika purnima on 30 november, significance of kartika purnima | 29 और 30 नवंबर को कार्तिक मास की पूर्णिमा, इस तिथि पर नदी स्नान और दान-पुण्य करने की परंपरा

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  • The Full Moon Day Of Kartik Month On 29th And 30th November,kartika Purnima On 30 November, Significance Of Kartika Purnima

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  • Perform special worship of Lord Vishnu and Shiva on Baikuntha Chaturdashi on 29th, from this date, Vishnu conducts the creation.

Sunday, 29 November is the Chaturdashi date of Kartik month. This date will remain till about 12.10 pm, after which the full moon date will start. This Chaturdashi is called Baikunth Chaturdashi. It is believed that on this date, Lord Shiva entrusts the weight of creation to Lord Vishnu. After rest, Vishnu resumes the operation of creation with Baikuntha Chaturdashi. The full moon of Kartik month will be celebrated on 29th and 30th November due to almanac distinction. It is also called Dev Deepavali and Tripurari Purnima.

According to Pt. Manish Sharma, Jyotishacharya of Ujjain, special worship should be done to Lord Vishnu and Shiva on Sunday. Begin the worship with Ganesh worship on Baikuntha Chaturdashi. After this, worship Lord Vishnu’s idol and Shivalinga.

Give Vishnuji a bath with saffron, sandalwood water. Offer sandalwood, yellow clothes, yellow flowers. Offer a white figure flower, akshata, bilvapatra after bathing with milk given to Shivling.

Also offer lotus flowers to both the Gods. Offer sweets made from milk. Light the incense. Perform Aarti. Chant the mantras.

Vishnu mantra – Om Namo Narayan, Shiva mantra – Om Namah: Shivaay

Perform a river bath and charity on Kartik Purnima

The full moon of Kartik month is a tradition to bathe in the holy river. It is of special importance to donate lamps in the river in the evening. On this date, donations like chanting, chanting, etc. yield the same virtue as ten yagyas.

The story of Lord Satyanarayana is heard on Kartik Purnima. In the evening, lamps are lit near temples, squares, peepal trees and basil plants and lamps are offered in rivers.