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Valentine Days Mukdi Mata Mawli Temple Chhattisgarh – प्रेमिका को पाने के लिए इस मंदिर में युवा करते हैं पूजा, मंदिर में नहीं घुस सकते बच्चे और बूढ़े

Entry of children and old people to this temple is completely closed, only youth can worship here.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world as a festival of lovers. On this day, all the youth want to go to some nice and secluded place to hang out with their valentines, but there is also a place in Chhattisgarh where Mata Mukkari Mawali worships in the temple to get their girlfriends. The biggest thing is that the entry of children and old people in this temple is completely closed, only young people can worship here.

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Mother has to show picture of girlfriend
The youth of a village in the tribal-dominated Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh turn to the desolate Mata Mukkari Mavli (forest demon) from a desolate village. There is a temple of Mata Mukkari Mavali in a tekri, four km from Chindanar village, about 40 km from Dantewada district headquarters.

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According to the legends, young people worship the mother of Mata Mukkari Mavali Temple, showing the picture of their girlfriend and pieces of her clothes and press them under the stone nearby. It is believed that by doing this, the mother is happy and makes a lover-girlfriend meet.

Indulgence is also required on completion of the vow
On completion of the vow, the goat, chicken and duck are offered to the Goddess as an offering. The priest Manohar (75) here says that only youths are allowed to enter the temple. They worship Goddess from afar and convey their talk to the Goddess through priest. Youths have to bring a picture of the beloved and a piece of his clothes for worship. He told that no special day is fixed for the worship of Goddess. A fair is held here in Aashaadh. However, in view of the increasing craze of Valentine’s Day these days, very young people come to worship on Valentine’s Day as well.