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Varuni festival on April 9: In this auspicious coincidence of the date and constellation, bathing donation gives the fruits of many yagyas. | तिथि और नक्षत्र के इस शुभ संयोग में स्नान-दान से मिलता है कई यज्ञों का फल

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  • Varuni Festival On April 9: In This Auspicious Coincidence Of The Date And Constellation, Bathing Donation Gives The Fruits Of Many Yagyas.

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  • The day of worship of Lord Varun, success is found in the works started in this auspicious yoga.

On 9 April, Friday is the Trayodashi date of the month of Chaitra. This day is also a coincidence of the Satabhisha Nakshatra. The Waruni festival is celebrated on this auspicious coincidence of the date-constellation formed in the first month of the Hindu calendar. According to the Dharmasindhu Granth, there is a tradition of Shiva worship on this festival with pilgrim baths and donations. By doing this, the sins of the known and unknown are eradicated and many yagyas also result.

Take bath at home with pilgrimage water
In Varuni Yoga, bathing and charity in other holy rivers, including Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Kaveri, Godavari, is of great importance. In this auspicious yoga, Lord Shiva of Naha is worshiped in the rivers on pilgrimages like Haridwar, Allahabad, Varanasi, Ujjain, Rameswaram, Nashik etc. It gives all kinds of happiness. Worship of Lord Shiva in Varuni Yoga provides salvation. Mantra chanting, yagna, are of great importance on this day. It is said in the Puranas that the donations made on this day are as much as thousands of yagyas. If you cannot take a bath in the holy rivers, then take a bath by pouring water from the holy rivers at home.

Varuni festival: the day of worship of Lord Varuna
On the Trayodashi date of Krishnapaksha of Chaitra month, Varuni festival takes place. It is a holy festival to give merit. On this day, Lord Varuna i.e. all the pilgrimages, rivers, seas, wells and tubelas are specially worshiped. In doing this, Varun is prayed to God that even in summer, there is no shortage of water in our water bodies. On this day, by donating the Ganga Snan and in the pilgrimages, you get the same amount of donations as in many solar eclipses.

Pradosh and Varuni Yoga
In this auspicious coincidence of Trayodashi Tithi i.e. Pradosh, offer Ganga water to the Shivling and offer bilvapatra and Madar flowers. With this, fruits should be offered according to the season. Sitting near the Shiva lingam, he says: By chanting the Shivaaya Mantra, all kinds of interruptions coming in the work are removed and the thoughtful works are also completed.

What are the benefits
Education related work can be started in Varuni Yoga. One gets success in studies, training or starting a course.
Waruni Yoga is considered auspicious for the start of a new business. Failure is not found in the works started in it.
In this auspicious yoga, work can be started on a new project. Buying a new house, shop, plot on this day is also auspicious.

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