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Guru Pushya Yog on Pradosh Tithi in Febraury 2021

On this day, the five limbs of Panchang, date, war, yoga, constellation, Karan are all pure …

Trayodashi Tithi is considered extremely auspicious to get the blessings of Lord Shiva. At the same time, the ongoing Magh month is also considered very sacred in Sanatan Dharma. In such a situation, this month is considered best for bathing in holy rivers and for fasting, chanting, charity, etc. Many people are doing Magh Snan even at this time.

In such a situation, the auspicious coincidence of Guru-Pushya in the month of Magha in 2021 is auspicious. On 25 February 2021, the coincidence of Guru-Pushya is being made on Trayodashi Tithi, Trayodashi Tithi will start from 24 February 2021. On the 25th of February itself, Chaturdashi will be started after Trayodashi. On this day, the festival of Guru-Pushya will be from 6.56 am to 1.18 pm. In a way it can also be called Abuja Muhurta.

If you want to do some auspicious work, buy land, property, gold jewelery etc. then from this day onwards, no other day. On this day, the five parts of Panchang, Tithi, Var, Yoga, Nakshatra, Karan are all pure. On this day, the Moon of Cancer and the Sun of Aquarius are also making this day the best. Yoga is Shobhan and Karan Taitil.

Pradosh Vrat on 24th February…
Pradosh Vrat is kept on Trayodashi Tithi and when this fast falls on Wednesday i.e. 24 February 2021, it is known as Mercury Pradosh. In such a situation, the Trayodashi date of Shukla Paksha of Magh month is on Wednesday 24 February and hence the day of Mercury Pradosh will be observed on this day.

The fast of Pradosh is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is believed that by worshiping and observing Lord Shiva with full ritual and fast on this day, all the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled, relieve distress and happiness in life – Peace comes. Along with this, Pradosh fast is done to get long life, attain children, get rid of debt etc.

Pradosh Vrat Shubh Muhurat: Magh, Shukla Triodashi …
Trayodashi Tithi begins: 24 February Wednesday from 06:05 pm
Trayodashi Date End: 25 February Thursday till 05:18 pm

On this day, the Moon will remain in its own zodiac sign, this will also increase the auspiciousness of the day. Thursday is the day of Lord Vishnu and it is considered auspicious to have Pushya Nakshatra on this day. This day is considered to be very auspicious especially for shopping.

According to astrology (Jyotish), if you buy land, house, vehicle, gold and silver jewelery etc. on Guru Pushya Yoga day, you get auspicious results, as well as start a new business on this day. Buying items used at home on this day is also considered auspicious.

Rules of Pradosha fast
1. To perform Pradosh Vrat, one should wake up early in the morning on Trayodashi.
2. One should meditate on Lord Shiva by taking a bath.
3. Food is not taken in this fast.
4. Stay away from anger or controversy.
5. Brahmacharya should be observed on Pradosh Vrat.
6. On this day one should worship Lord Shiva by bathing one hour before sunset.
7. Asana of Kusha should be used in the worship of Pradosh Vrat.

What to do in the month of Magha?
: The work done on the day of Guru-Pushya is permanent. Therefore, this day is best for doing auspicious work and making purchases.
: On this day, there is never any shortage of land, buildings, property, vehicles, gold, silver, diamonds, gems, jewelery etc., it increases.
: It is auspicious to start a new business, start a new job, etc. on the day of Guru-Pushya Nakshatra.
: If it is necessary and there is no auspicious time, then the instructions for engagement in marriage, marriage, etc., are also found in the scriptures.
: The combination of Guru-Pushya is good for wearing Navratna. A gemstone of any planet can be worn on this day.

: On the day of Guru-Pushya, the young men and women who are getting interrupted in the marriage, remove the root of the banana tree, wash it with Ganga water and wrap it in turmeric and keep it in yellow cloth, then the obstacle of marriage is removed
: If Jupiter is giving bad effects in the horoscope, then on this day, keep a hundred and a hundred grams of turmeric lump in it and donate it to the temple of Lord Vishnu.
: Wearing Pukhraj, the gemstone of Guru on this day, removes inauspicious effects associated with Jupiter.
: Lord Vishnu is pleased by offering golden water in Tulsi on the day of Guru Pushya. The basil plant also turns green.

– For happiness and good luck – To wish happiness and wealth, starting Pradosh fast from the day on which the Friday falls, is considered auspicious.

– For longevity- For wishing a long life, it is considered best to start Pradosha fast from the day on which Trayodashi falls on Sunday.

– For child happiness – Those who wish to have children should start a fast from the day on which Trayodashi of Pradosh fast Shukla Paksha falls on Saturday.

– To get rid of debt- To get rid of debt, starting the Pradosh fast from the day on which the day falls on Monday is considered auspicious.

It is believed that the first fast was given by Chandra Dev. Due to the effect of which the moon was freed from tuberculosis. It is said that the fast on the day of Trayodashi gives virtue equal to the donation of hundred cows. According to astrologers, Pradosh Vrat can be started from Shukla Paksha’s Trayodashi but for some special wishes, some dates of this fast are considered good.