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In astrology, it is forbidden to do auspicious works eight days before Holi….

The holy festival of Holi, one of the main festivals of Hindus, is going to come in this month i.e. March 2021. Holashtak will start before this. Holashtak starts every year about eight days before Holi. According to the Hindu calendar, this year Holashtak will begin on the Ashtami Tithi of Phalgun Shukla Paksha. In such a situation, it will start from March 22 and continue till March 28. Actually, in astrology, it is forbidden to do auspicious works eight days before Holi. These eight days before Holi are called Holashtak.

According to many religious beliefs related to Holashtak, when Holashtak is going on, it is forbidden to get married, buy a vehicle or a house, or to do any other mangal work. But in this Holashtak you can recite the worship of God, memorize and worship them, etc. It gives auspicious results.

Holashtak is considered inauspicious:
According to experts, it is prohibited to do any manglicious works in these eight days. Working at this time is considered inauspicious. There are 3 reasons why Holashtak is inauspicious. There are two mythologies in relation to this. The first devotee is associated with Prahlada and the second Kamadeva.

1. Devotee Prahlada: According to the legend, King Hiranyakashipu had to endure eight days of hard torture to get his son Prahlad away from his devotion to Lord Srihari Vishnu. Holika who was the boon on the eighth day, who was the sister of Hiranyakashyapa, sat on the lap of the devotee Prahlada and was burnt, while the devotee Prahlada survived.

2. Rati Pati Cupid: It is said that at the behest of the gods, Kamadeva made several attempts in several days to break the penance of Shiva. Then Lord Shiva had consumed Kamdev on Phalgun Shukla Ashtami Tithi. Kamdev’s wife Rati apologized to Shivji for his crime, then Bholenath assured Kamdev to be revived.

3. Astrological perception: According to astrologers, the effect of Holashtak is not considered in the pilgrimage area, but the weather is changing in these eight days, the person may be vulnerable to disease and in such a situation, the state of mind also suffers from depression. Therefore, auspicious work is considered taboo. The eight days of Holashtak are considered to be good times in terms of fasting, worship and havan.

According to astrology scholars, Moon on Ashtami, Sun on Navami, Saturn on Dashami, Venus on Ekadashi and Guru on Dwadashi, Mercury on Trayodashi, Mars on Chaturdashi and Rahu on Purnima become fiery. Due to the weakening of these planets, the decision-making ability of man is reduced. Because of this man takes decisions contrary to his nature. This is the reason why one’s mind is diverted towards colors and enthusiasm.

Apart from this, if you do some special measures during Holashtak, then you also have many benefits. These measures are as follows…

For progeny: If a couple is not getting a child, then they should worship at Ladash Gopal’s Vidhan Vidhi in Holashtak. During this period, also do havan in which pure ghee and sugar candy are used. By performing this remedy, the child also gets children.

For career success: If you want to progress in your career, then do this remedy in Holashtak. Get the Havan done with barley, sesame and sugar at home or office. By doing this, all the obstacles in your career will be over. You will be able to taste success easily in any field in which you start work.

To receive money: If you are financially weak or have a lot of money, then take this remedy in Holashtak. Perform Havan in your home with Kanar flowers, lump light, yellow mustard and jaggery. By doing this, all the problems related to money will be overcome. Not only this, there will also be benefits in matters related to property.

For good health: For your good health, you should chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra in Holashtak. After doing this chanting, do not forget to do havan with Googal. According to belief, by doing this, you get rid of incurable disease.

For a happy life: If you have a lot of miseries in your life, then start reciting Hanuman Chalisa and Vishnu Sahastranam in Holashtak. This will end all your sufferings. Happiness will be happiness in life. Your life will be equipped with amenities.

Holashtak – What to do, what not to do …
Do this: In Holashtak, even though it is forbidden to do auspicious works, you can worship your deity in these days. Fasting also gives you virtuous results. In these days, you can also get benefit by donating money to the needy according to the work of religion, clothing, food grains and your desire and ability.

Do not: During Holashtak, marriage is not auspicious, so one should not do auspicious work like marriage in these days. Apart from this, one should not even enter a new house in these days. Along with this, if land worship is not done in these days, it is better.

At the same time, newlyweds are advised to stay in the maiden these days. There are 16 types of rites described in Hinduism, none of these rites should be performed. Although unfortunately someone dies these days, peace is also performed for his funeral. Along with this, any kind of havan, yagya deeds are also not done during these times.