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200 years ancient temple …

In order to get the desired groom, many gods and goddesses are worshiped. But do you know that Shri Ganesh who is the giver of wisdom and lord of Riddhi-siddhi. They too are worshiped for the groom they want, while the most important thing is that their method of worship is very simple and easy. In such a situation, we are telling you about a temple today, in relation to which it is believed that here virgin girls apply for a desired groom.

Yes, the person we are talking about today is Bappa’s own temple and there are virgin girls who apply to get the desired groom. It is said that here Ganesha quickly fulfills this wish too. But for this they also have to offer a special item. Let us know the story of this wonderful temple and the dedication of a particular item and marry the boy you want.

It is located in Pohri Tehsil of Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh. The ancient Ganesh temple located in the fort of Pohri Tehsil of Shivpuri district, which is about 200 years old, was under the Pohri Durg Scindia State, which used to be the Jagirdarni Bala Bai Sitole of the time. He built this temple in 1737.

It is 30 km from the headquarters. The name of the temple is wishful Ganesha. Bappa fulfills the wishes of every devotee who comes to the temple as per his name here. Bappa is called here as Shreeji.

Everyone’s wishes are fulfilled in Shreeji’s temple. But the virgin girls also come here to fulfill their wish of their desired groom. It is said that Bappa gives every girl in this temple her desired groom. But there is a tradition of this, according to which the young women stand in front of Bappa and proclaim the qualities of their favorite groom. After this, she prays to get him as her groom. It is said that Ganapathi fulfills the wish of the young woman quickly.

Please tell that Pohri Durg was under Scindia State. The Jagirdarni of that time used to be Balabai Sitole. He built this temple in 1737. Explain that the divine statue installed in this temple brought Bala Bhai Sahib from Pune itself. It is to be known that Pratima was established in the temple in such a way that Balabai Sahib Sitole used to see Bappa from her window.

It is recognized with respect to this temple of Shreeji that whatever devotees see the statue of Bappa installed here, once with an eye. The desire hidden in his mind becomes apparent on his own in front of Bappa. Bappa’s captivating image captures the devotee on speaking his mind. Then Bappa fulfills the wishes of his devotee and fills his bag. It is believed that if virgin girls offer bribe here to Bappa, the wish of the bride is fulfilled in their heart.

Ganesh temple was already considered a wish fulfillment temple, while today even the devotees who wish to keep coconut in this temple, their desire is fulfilled, so even after being settled in the rural area, there is a wave of devotees here. Because of this, devotees from the country come as well as devotees from abroad also come here.

Assumption: Girls get married early by keeping coconut
Pohri Desire Fulfillment Ganesh Mandir Ji has more recognition of the local people and people from outside also come here to visit and ask for wishes. The specialty of the Pohri Ganesh Temple is that here a virgin girl puts coconut for marriage, then their marriage gets done quickly. .