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which built by Pandavas just in one night with huge stone

There is no temple like this temple in the whole world …

As such, you have not only heard about many temples in the country, but you must have seen them. Many of these temples are miraculous and the construction of many is very ancient. In such a situation, today we are telling you about a temple which is said to be a Pandava temple. Also a temple that was constructed in one night with huge stones.

Actually, this temple named Ambernath is located in the city of Ambernath near Mumbai in Maharashtra. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is also known as Ambareshwar.

According to the inscription found in the temple, this temple was built by Raja Manbani in 1060 AD. This temple is also known as Pandavas Temple. It is said about the temple that there is no temple in the world like this temple. The Ambernath Shiva Temple has many such natural wonders, which increases its recognition. Let’s know the special things about this temple-

: Ambarnath Shiva Temple is famous for unique architecture. Two Nandi bulls are built outside this temple built in the 11th century. There are three Mukhamandapas to enter the temple.
While going in, reach the Sabhamandapa and then after the Sabhamandapa, the sanctum sanctorum is situated under the 9 stairs. The main Shivalinga of the temple is of Trimasti and has a female on its knee, which shows the form of Shiva-Parvati. On the top part Shiva appears in dance posture.

: There is also a hot water pool near the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. There is also a cave near it, which is said that its path leads to Panchavati. UNESCO has declared the Ambarnath Shiva Temple a cultural heritage. Situated on the banks of the river Valdhan, this temple is surrounded by mango and tamarind trees.

: The architecture of the temple is built on seeing it, due to which many people come from here and abroad. There are many forms of Lord Shiva on the outer walls of the temple. Along with this, Ganesh, Karthikeya, Chandika etc. are decorated with idols of deities. Also shown destroying the demons of Goddess Durga.

: There are at least 8 statues of Brahmadeva inside and outside the temple. Along with this, there are images of Brahmadev of ancient times in many places around this place, which shows that Brahmadev was worshiped here earlier. A fair is organized here on the occasion of Shivaratri. This fair is held for 3.4 days, then a large crowd can be seen here.

This temple was built like this …
The Pandavas are said to have spent a few years in Ambarnath during the unknown, when they built this temple in one night with huge stones. Then they left this place for fear of being constantly pushed back by the Kauravas. Due to which the work of the temple could not be completed. The temple, which has been facing the weather for years, still stands today.

Unique lingam

Statues of not one but two Nandi are installed outside the Ambareswar temple. There are three Mukhamandapas for entering the temple. After reaching Sabhamandap, there is another sabhamandap and after that it can be descended down 9 stairs to reach the sanctum sanctorum. The most amazing and different is the Shivling here. The main Shivalinga of the temple is of Trimasti and Goddess Parvati is installed on the Shivlinga’s knee. At the top, Shiva is seen in a dancing pose.

There is a pool near the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, in which hot water comes out. This is also a cave, about which it is said that the path from inside it leads to Panchavati. Explain that the Ambarnath temple has also been declared a cultural heritage by UNESCO. Situated on the banks of the river Valdhan, this temple is surrounded by many mango and tamarind trees and feels a bit different when you come here.