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हिन्दू आध्यात्म की असली पहचान तिलक : कुंडली के कई ग्रह दोष हो जाते हैं स्वत: ही समाप्त

The practice of applying tilak on the forehead is rarely practiced anywhere else in India. This Hindu custom is very ancient. Vishnu is believed to live in the middle of man’s forehead, and Tilak is planted at this place. Tilak is also associated with worship of Goddess.

Actually, wearing tilak is very important in Sanatan Dharma. There is a rule to apply tilak on the head, neck, arms, heart and navel, but even if you do not apply it on other parts, it should be applied in the middle of the head. Applying tilak also has its own importance according to the day. On the day you go for the accomplishment or success of a work, apply tilak from the substances mentioned according to the day.

Usually tilak is applied by the ring finger and only sandalwood is applied in it. Applying rice with tilak is hidden to attract Lakshmi and provide coolness and sattvikta. Therefore, according to experts, one should apply tilak.

According to beliefs, a swollen head is not considered auspicious. Sandalwood, Roli, Kumkum, Sindoor or Bhasma’s tilak is applied on the forehead. Tilak serves as an identity mark in Hindu culture.

In Indian culture, worshiping, rituals, rituals, marshals, traveling, traveling, auspicious works are done by applying tilak on the forehead in the beginning. Tilak is not just religious belief but many scientific reasons are also stated behind it.

At the same time, according to experts, the real identity of Hindu spirituality is from Tilak. It is believed that by applying tilak, the brain in the society is always elevated with pride. In Hindu families, there is a law to apply “tilak or tika” to any auspicious work. This tilak is applied with many items and substances. Among these, turmeric, vermilion, saffron, bhasma and sandalwood are prominent.

Where to apply Tilak
Tilak means the mark on the forehead after worship. Tilak is also welcomed in North India by welcoming it with respect to Tilak Aarti.

Tilak is always done on the ‘obedient cycle’ between the eyebrows, which is also called the center of consciousness and is the place of our thinking, it remains awake and active even in the conscious-subconscious state.

In relation to Tilak, it is also believed that if Tilak is applied on the basis of war or day, the person not only avoids many kinds of problems but also obtains auspicious fruits in many ways. According to the pundits, by applying tilak, many planetary defects of the horoscope are automatically eliminated.

Tilak by week wise…

Monday : It is the day of Lord Shiva. The lord of Monday is the planet Moon. Moon Manso Jat: That is, Moon is the causative planet of mind. It controls the emotions, impulses, emotions etc. of the mind. If your mind is repeatedly distracted, you are more emotional than necessary, then you should apply white sandalwood tilak on Monday for balance and control of mind. It is the day of Shiva, therefore Bhasma or Vibhuti can also be applied on this day. By doing this all your work will be proved.

Tuesday : Tuesday is Lord Hanuman’s day and Mars is the lord of this day. Mars is also called the God of Destiny. On this day, vermilion should be applied in red sandalwood or jasmine oil for success. This will keep you energetic and confident throughout the day. On Tuesday, Tilak of red sandalwood is also used to remove the financial crisis and paves the way for debt relief. By doing this, there is control over anger and every action you do is proven.

Wednesday : This is the day of Vighnaharta, the first revered Lord Shri Ganesha. The planet lord of this day is Mercury. Businessmen, academics, teachers, students, writers and people associated with intellectual work, especially on this day should apply tilak of dry vermilion. If you are going for any auspicious task, interview, job interview, etc., then leave the house with a tilak of dried vermilion, this results in accomplishment.

Thursday / Thursday: This day is the beloved day of Lord Vishnu and Dattatreya. Brahma has also been called the God of this day. Jupiter is the lord of this day. Tilak of Ashtagandha, Sandalwood or White Sandalwood should be done on Thursday for auspiciousness in modesty, self-control, good conduct, progress, success, marital happiness, marital happiness etc. Tilak of saffron, turmeric, gorochan can also be done on this day.

Friday : This day is the day of Goddess Mahalakshmi and the planet lord Venus. On this day, applying vermilion, red sandalwood or saffron tilak gives all kinds of enjoyment and luxuries. On this day, if you are going to talk about property deals, new business or marital work, or you are going to do some other auspicious work, then after leaving saffron tilak, you will get success in the work.

Saturday : The deities of this day are Hanuman, Bhairava and Yamaraja. Lord Shani is the planet master. On this day, applying tilak dissolved in Bhasma, Vibhuti, red sandalwood or jasmine oil is auspicious. Kajal’s tilak is also applied for the accomplishment of a particular task or success in Tantra activities. This makes the day auspicious and all the work done on this day is attained.

Sunday : Surya is the Sunday planet lord dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Surya. Tilak of red sandalwood, Roli or Hari sandalwood should be applied on this day. It brings all happiness. With the grace of Lord Vishnu, success is done in the work done on this day. Honor, respect and status increase.

Fingers have their own importance
According to experts, while applying tilak, we place our hands on the head because positive energy is collected on our top chakra, as well as our thoughts should be positive and working. The four fingers of the hand and the thumb have a special significance in Tilak, the ring finger provides peace, the middle finger increases the lifespan of a human being.

The thumb provides impact, fame and healing while the index finger is the finger of salvation. According to astrologers it is always considered auspicious to do tilak with the ring finger and thumb. Anamika is the presiding finger of Mount Surya. This finger represents the sun. The thumb represents Venus in the hand and the planet Venus signifies vitality.

These are the mantras for applying tilak
1. Keshavanananta Govinda Barah Purushottam.
The virtuous Yashasyamayushyam prasidatu in Tilakam.

2. Kanti Laxmi Dhriti Saubhagya Saubhagyamatulam Balam.
Dadatu Chandanam Nitya Sattam Dharayamyaham.

Benefits of applying tilak …
1. It is believed that performing tilak makes the personality effective. Actually, applying tilak has psychological effect, as it increases the confidence and self-confidence of the person.

2. Applying tilak regularly on the forehead leads to a decline in the forehead. People feel at peace and relaxed. At the same time it is also said that it prevents many types of mental illnesses.

3. The secretion of seratonin and beta endorphins in the brain in a balanced way, which removes sadness and arouses excitement in the mind. This enthusiasm puts people in good works.

4. It is also believed that this reduces the headache problem.

5. Skin is purified by applying tilak containing turmeric. Turmeric contains anti-bacterial elements, which relieves diseases.

6. According to religious belief, applying sandalwood tilak kills human sins. People survive many kinds of crises. According to astrology, applying tilak brings peace to the planets.

7. It is believed that the house of the sandalwood tilak is full of food and money and good luck increases.