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11 places where we should keep diya on diwali, deepawali puja vidhi, old traditions about deepawali, significance of diya on diwali | दीपावली पर आज घर में इन 11 जगहों पर जरूर रखें दीए, कहां रखने हैं ये दीए देखें इस खास वीडियो में

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  • 11 Places Where We Should Keep Diya On Diwali, Deepawali Puja Vidhi, Old Traditions About Deepawali, Significance Of Diya On Diwali

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2 month ago

Dainik Bhaskar has brought a special video for his readers in which you will be able to know that according to the scriptures, it will be auspicious for you to light a lamp on Diwali, in the house and outside the house.

  • There are 9 places inside the house and 2 outside the house, where lamps can be beneficial for you.

Deepawali is the festival of lights and the day of arrival of Maa Lakshmi. There is a tradition of lighting lamps in the house to welcome Lakshmi, on this day lamps must be lit at certain places. Its importance has been considered in the scriptures and also in Vastu. See in the special video of Dainik Bhaskar, 9 places of the house and two places outside the house are such, where lamps are auspicious on Deepawali. This brings happiness, peace and positivity in the house. Negativity ends.

Jyotishacharya of Ujjain knows from Pt. Manish Sharma, what are these places.

1. After worshiping the lamps, the first lamp is placed on either side of the main door of the house, mother Lakshmi keeps the first step in the house from here. It is believed that lighting the lamp here brings positivity in the house, so before Diwali Lakshmi Puja, mustard oil should be kept on both sides of the door of the house.

2. The second lamp should be kept in the courtyard of the house. If the house does not have a courtyard, you can place a lamp of ghee in the middle room of the house, it is considered to be the Brahman place of the house. Lamps here bring a sense of satisfaction among the family members.

3. 5 lamps are placed in the temple of the first house of Lakshmi Pujan, in addition to this, if there is a temple around the house, then the lamp should also be kept there. It is believed that this brings prosperity and positive energy remains in the house.

4. Before Lakshmi Pujan 4 Charmukhi lamps, ie lamps in which 4 things can be lit, burn in all the four corners of the house and wish God Ganesha happiness and prosperity. This gives the house a protective shield.

5. After Laxmi Pujan, oil lamp should be applied on the basil plant at home. Tulsi is very dear to Lord Vishnu. By placing a lamp on Tulsi, purity and peace in the house remains.

6. A lamp must be lit near any source of water in the house, such as near the house ponder or where the water pot is kept. Can place a lamp there. This creates an atmosphere of purity in the house and the health of the members of the house is good.

7. If there is a peepal tree near the house, then light a lamp here. The Peepal tree is inhabited by Lord Vishnu. Installing lamps here reduces household problems.

8. Two lamps should be lit in the kitchen of the house after Lakshmi worship. This makes the mother Annapurna happy and increases the granary at home.

9. After worshiping Lakshmi, worship Lord Kuber and worship the vault of the house and light a lamp of sesame oil near the vault of the house. This leads to prosperity at home.

10. There is a tradition of lighting lamps at the intersection near the house. Do not turn around while coming home after lighting the lamp at the crossroads. It is believed that installing a lamp at the crossroads reduces problems and keeps negativity away from home.

11. Apart from this, if you see darkness anywhere around the house, then light a lamp and light it there. This reduces the negativity around the house.