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Auspicious time, Puja method, story and importance


When is Vivah Panchami 2020 (Vivah Panchami 2020 Mein Kab Hai),
– Vivah Panchami Shubh Muhurat of Vivaha Panchami,
– Importance of Vivah Panchami Importance,
– Pooja Vidhi of Vivaha Panchami (Vivah Panchami Puja Vidhi)
– Vivah Panchami Story

The celebration of Vivaha Panchami is celebrated as the anniversary of the marriage of Rama and Sita. According to mythological belief, Panchami of Shukla Paksha of Margashirsha (Aghan) month was the Swayamvara of Ram-Sita. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and faith in Mithilanchal and Nepal.

In the scriptures of Margashirsha Shukla Paksha Panchami Tithi, this day is said to have great significance, it is believed that on this day Lord Rama was married to Goddess Sita in Tretayuga. Therefore, this day is also known as Vivah Panchami.

Panchami Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Margashish month is celebrated as Vivah Panchami. Lord Rama and Goddess Sita Puja are worshiped on this day. It is believed that by worshiping Lord Rama and Mother Sita on this day, virgins get a suitable spouse and all the troubles of married life of the married people end.

This time i.e. in 2020, Vivah Panchami 2020 Tithi is falling on Saturday, December 19.

Marriage Panchami Puja Time…
Panchami Date Start – 14:20 – 18 December 2020
Panchami date ends – 14:15 – 19 December 2020

Vivaah Panchami 2020 Shubh Muhurat
Start of Panchami Tithi – 02:22 PM (18 December 2020)
Panchami Tithi ends – next day at 2:14 pm (December 19, 2020)

In Bhrigu Samhita, this day has been described as Abuja Muhurta for marriage. But Mithilavasi does not like to marry his daughters on this day. Their belief behind this is that due to the marriage on this day, Goddess Sita and Lord Rama did not get the happiness of full married life.

Goddess Sita had to go to the forest with Lord Rama when Ram was about to get the privilege of becoming king. When Rama returned from the forest to become the king of Ayodhya, Rama had to separate from Sita in order to follow Rajdharma. Goddess Sita was sent to life in the forest due to false stigma. This is the reason why people do not marry their daughters on the day of Vivaha Panchami even after the Abuja Muhurat.

Pooja Vidhi of Vivaha Panchami (Vivah Panchami Puja Vidhi)
1. Take a bath in Brahmamuhurta on Vivah Panchami and wear clean clothes. After this, Ram vow to marry.

2. After this install the idol or statue of Shri Ram and Sita ji.

3. After the idol installation, offer yellow clothes to Lord Rama and red clothes to Mother Sita.

4. “Om Jankivallabhoy Namah” chant this mantra at least 108 times and combine Lord Rama and Sita.

5. After this, perform the aarti of Lord Rama and Sita ji and keep the knotted garment with you.

Story of Vivah Panchami (Vivah Panchami Ki Katha)
According to the Puranas, Lord Rama was born as Lord Vishnu and mother Sita as Mother Lakshmi. Sita was born as the daughter of Ramji and Raja Janaka, born to King Dasharatha. It is said that Mother Sita was born from the earth. When King Janak was plowing, he found a small child. No one else was Sita. Once Mata Sita lifted the bow kept in the temple.

None other than Parashurama could lift this bow. Since then King Janaka announced that whoever lifts this bow of Lord Vishnu will marry Sita Mata. Lord Rama and Lakshmana were also seated as spectators along with Maharishi Vashistha in Swayambara. Many kings tried in the Swayamvara of Sita Mata but no one could shake that bow.

In this way, King Janak said in compassionate words that there is no one worthy of my Sita, then seeing King Janak, Maharishi Vasistha asked Lord Rama to take part in this swayamvara. Obeying the Guru’s command, Lord Ram raised the bow and offered it to him. The bow broke while propelling. Seeing the sacrifice of Lord Rama, Mother Sita was fascinated by them and put Jayamala in the neck of Shri Ram. In this way, the marriage of Mata Sita and Lord Shri Ram took place in the grand event.

Importance of Vivah Panchami (Vivah Panchami Ka Mahatva)
The festival of Vivaha Panchami is celebrated on Panchami Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Margashish month. Worshiping Lord Sri Rama and Mother Sita on this day brings desired blessings and also ends all marital problems. On this day it is auspicious to recite the marriage context of Lord Rama and Sita ji in Balkand. Reciting the entire Ramcharitmanas on this day brings family happiness. With this, there is always an atmosphere of harmony and happiness in the family. Apart from this, it is considered very auspicious to worship Lord Rama and Sita on this day.