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Best tips to get blessings of lord vishnu and DevGuru Brahaspati

Happiness at home …

In today’s busy lifestyle full of race parts, we have a shortage of time, due to which we are not able to make time for even a little puja. Therefore, today we are telling you a way with which you will be worshiped and happiness and prosperity will remain in your home.

Actually, the day of Thursday is considered to be the best for worshiping both Lord Vishnu and Brihaspati Dev, it is believed that by doing this, happiness and prosperity prevails in the house, the same virgin girls observe this fast so that their marriage will come Obstacles will be removed.
According to astrologers, if you observe Thursday in 1 year, then there is never a shortage of money in your house and your purse never gets empty.

According to pandits and astrology experts, you should observe 16 Thursdays in a year. By observing the fast on 16 th Thursday, you get the desired results and after completing the fast, you should preach on the 17th Thursday.

Auspicious time to start this fast- You can start this fast from the first Thursday of Shuklapaksha in any other month, except the month of Posh or Pausha which comes in December or January. Shukla Paksha is a very auspicious time to start any new work.

WMethod of night

You need very little material for this fasting method. Such as gram dal, jaggery, turmeric, few bananas, an upla to do havan and a photo of Lord Vishnu and a banana tree is very good.

Under this, after getting up in the morning on the day of fasting, retire from the tasks of bathing, first of all sit in front of God, and bathe God and take rice and yellow flowers, resolve to fast on Thursday, and offer them small yellow clothes, as well as if Offer a small yellow cloth even if you are worshiping in front of a banana tree.

But nowadays people’s houses are small, in such a situation, there is usually no banana tree in the houses, in such a situation you can do the fasting method in the temple of your house. Put water in a pot and put a little turmeric in it and bathe the Lord Vishnu or the root of the banana tree. Now put jaggery and gram dal in the same lotus and if you are worshiping the banana tree then offer it.

Offer tilak with turmeric or sandalwood to God, offer yellow rice at this time, light a lamp of ghee, read the story. After the story, perform the Havan on the Uplea, heat the cow’s cowlap and add ghee to it and as soon as the fire is ignited, you have to offer jaggery and gram along with the Havan material. With 5, 7 or 11 ॐ Guna Guruve Namah Mantra, perform the Aarti after the Havan and pray for forgiveness in the end, after the Puja is complete, offer the water in your lotte to the banana tree near your house. .

Do not do this –
: On this day you worship the banana tree, so do not eat the banana accidentally, you can only offer it in puja and share it in prasad, if a cow is found, then it must be fed gram dal and jaggery. It is believed that it gives a lot of merit.
: Oil should not be applied to hair.
: Hair should not be washed.
: No haircut required.
: Should not mop at home
: Clothing should not be given to the washerman.
: Salt and sour should not be eaten.

Yes you can eat yellow or sweet. Also, you can eat gram dal puri or paratha at one time.

Men can observe this fast on 16 consecutive Thursdays, but women or girls should do this fast only when they can worship, it should not be done during difficult days.

Method of promotion

Bring 5 things a day before the promotion – keep gram dal, jaggery, turmeric, banana, papaya and yellow cloth and keep Dakshina according to your ability.

Then on Thursday, after every fast, pray as soon as possible, pray that you have completed your fast according to your resolve and God bless you, and today you are going to teach worship and all these material in worship Lord Vishnu Offer it to a Brahmin and take his blessings.