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Cow worship is done before Lakshmi Puja: Deepawali with the desire of happiness and prosperity Govts Dwadashi fast | दीपावली से पहले सुख और समृद्धि की कामना से किया जाता है गोवत्स द्वादशी व्रत

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  • Cow Worship Is Done Before Lakshmi Puja: Deepawali With The Desire Of Happiness And Prosperity Govts Dwadashi Fast

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2 month ago

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  • The Bhavishya Purana says that the cow is inhabited by all the deities including Lakshmiji.

Gau Vats Dwadashi will be observed on Thursday, November 12. In this, the cow and its calf are worshiped. According to the Bhavishya Purana, cow is the form of Lakshmi. The eyes of the cow are the Sun-Moon, Rudra in the mouth, Vishnu in the throat, all the gods and goddesses in the middle of the body and Brahma in the back. Therefore, worship of the cow and its calf pleased all the gods and goddesses including Lakshmi. Women observe this fast to wish their family prosperity and good health.

Fasting and worship method

  1. On this day, women wake up before sunrise and take a vow and fast.
  2. She worships the cow and her calf in the auspicious time.
  3. The cow is fed other things including green fodder and roti.
  4. The cow and the calf are decorated. On this day, cow’s milk and things made from it are not eaten.
  5. The cow’s entire milk is left for his calf.
  6. Buffalo milk is used.
  7. After the puja, especially millet bread and sprouted grains are made in the house.
  8. On this day, if a cow and calf cannot be found, then a calf made of silver or clay can also be worshiped.

This fast for the prosperity and good health of the family
Women get child happiness by worshiping cow and calf. This fast is also observed for good health and longevity of children. It is said in the Puranas that the significance of this fast is that the family of the house of the women who worship Gaumata is prosperous on this day. On this day, Lakshmi ji is pleased with those who feed the cow with bread and green fodder. There is never a premature death in such a family. Worshiping the cow and the calf makes all gods and goddesses happy and all kinds of sins, inadvertently and unknowingly, are eradicated.