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Dhanumas will remain till 14 January, according to the texts, should stay away from intoxication during this | 14 जनवरी तक रहेगा धनुमास, ग्रंथों के मुताबिक नशे से दूर रहना चाहिए इस दौरान

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16 days ago

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  • There is also a tradition of worshiping Vishnu along with Lord Surya during Kharmas.

Kharmas have started with the Sun entering Pisces on December 16. Which will last till 14 January. Hence Kharmas Dosha will end on Makar Sankranti next month. During this time no manglic works are done. Changing sun sign brings Kharmas twice a year. Worshiping the Lord has special significance during this time of about a month. There are some rules related to Khar Maas in the scriptures. Which should be taken care of.

What happens
When the Sun enters the zodiac signs of Jupiter i.e. Sagittarius and Pisces, then Kharmas starts. In astrological texts, it has also been called Guruvaditya Kaal. This condition occurs 2 times a year i.e. December-January and March-April. During this time all kinds of manglic works are not done. It is also known as Dhanurmas after the Sun enters Sagittarius during December-January. At the same time, with the arrival of the Sun in Pisces in March-April, it is also called Meenmas.

what should be done
According to the scriptures, in this month one should take a bath before sunrise in the morning. Then one should worship God. By this the grace of God remains. Sun worship should be done during this time. Along with this one should also worship Lord Vishnu. During Kharmas, there is importance of chanting and chanting mantras. Devotees, Vedas, Brahmins, Gurus, Cows, Sages and Sanyasis should worship and serve in this month.

What not to do in Kharmas

  1. One should not do other manglicious works including home entry and 16 sacraments during Kharmas. During this period some of the 16 necessary rites can be performed.
  2. Meat, honey, rice starch, urad, onion, garlic, nagarmotha, rye, intoxicants, lentils, sesame oil and no false food should be eaten.
  3. Eating on a plate during Kharmas, eating once in the evening, celibacy should be followed. Also, one should avoid wrongdoing inadvertently.
  4. One should avoid opposing. Condemnation and lies should be avoided.