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Do Not Use Steel During Puja Path – अगर आप भी पूजा के समय करते हैं स्टील के बर्तनों का उपयोग, तो जान लीजिए यह बात

Most people use steel utensils while worshiping, while its use in worship is not considered auspicious.

Whenever we worship, we use many types of utensils. According to Hindu scriptures, rules have also been made for which metal utensils should be used in the worship. Most people use steel utensils while doing puja path, while its use in worship is not considered auspicious. Let us know which metal should be used while worshiping …

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According to the scriptures, the different metals used in the ritual of worship give different fruits. Use of gold, silver, brass, copper utensils is considered auspicious, while steel, iron and aluminum utensils are inauspicious. Not only this, idols of these metals are also not considered auspicious for worship.

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The most important thing behind this is that natural metals are auspicious for worship. That is why it is forbidden to worship with steel utensils because steel is a man-made metal. While iron rusts and aluminum comes out of soot. This is why the use of these utensils also damages our skin and the idols are also spoiled.

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Gold, silver, brass, copper utensils should be used in worship. It is believed that all these metals are purified only through hydrolysis. It is said that by worshiping them, one also attains virtue.