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Hindu Calendar Magh Month 2021 Paramparaye; Snan And Dan and Vrat Parva Tyohar | माघ मास में तीर्थ-स्नान और तिल दान से बढ़ता है पुण्य, इस महीने के व्रत और पर्व बढ़ाते हैं सकारात्मकता

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3 days ago

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  • The significance of the month of Magha is told in Padma, Skanda, Bhavishya and Brahmavaivarta Purana including Mahabharata.

The 11th lunar month of the Hindu calendar, that is, the month of Magha, will be till February 27. This time this month has started with Ashlesha Nakshatra. It is named Magha by sages and sages due to Magha Nakshatra on the full moon. Many big fasts and festivals come in this month. In which pilgrim baths, donations and prayers are done, the sins of the unknown are unknowingly and the virtuous fruit is also received.

The Padma Purana states that chanting, home and charity have special significance in the month of Magha. It is special to include these three things in our everyday. Bathing before sunrise in the month of Magha, making various donations and reciting hymns to Lord Vishnu provides special blessings to Lord Vishnu.

Traditions of the month of magh
Fast and worship:
The Vasudeva form of Lord Vishnu is worshiped in the month of Magha. Also, Arghya should be offered to the rising sun. One should worship the twilight form of the sun this month. It is said in the Puranas that Lord Krishna and Shiva should also be worshiped in this month. Putting a lamp of sesame oil in Shiva worship does not cause physical problems. It is said in the religious texts that fasting of Mars and Thursday during the month of Magha gives special results.

Bathing donation: In the Mahabharata and other Puranas it is said that in this month one should get up before sunrise and bathe in the Ganges or other holy rivers. But in view of the phase of the epidemic, scholars say that if it does not happen, then by pouring a few drops of Ganga water in the water at home, bathing gives the merit of a pilgrimage. Also, one should take a bath with sesame water. This ends the sins of many births. This month, one should donate sesame seeds in a copper vessel.

Fasting and Feast
Fasting and festivals in Magh month increase positivity. Among these, there is a tradition of bathing on the occasion of Gupta Navaratri, Vasant Panchami, Ekadashi, Amavasya and Purnima Purnima. These traditions made by sages and sages increase the feeling of mutual love, cooperation, sacrifice, mercy and happiness.

Special Teej festival of the month of Magh
Fasting and Feast The date
Shatila Ekadashi 7 February, Sunday
Mauni Amavasya 11 February, Thursday
Gupta Navratri 12 to 21 February
Basant Panchami February 16, Tuesday
Ratha Saptami 19 February, Friday
Bhishma Ashtami February 20, Saturday
Jaya Ekadashi 23 February, Tuesday
Maghi full moon 27 February, Saturday