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how to get blessings of lord hanuman ji

Tuesday i.e. the day of Shri Ram Bhakta Hanuman
Easiest solution: To get the blessings of Hanuman ji…

Hanuman, a devotee of Shri Rama, is considered the deity of Kalyug. In this way, everyone wants to please Lord Hanuman, the 11th Rudravatar. But despite many efforts, we either remain ignorant due to the grace of Hanuman ji or we are not able to get the full benefit of his blessings due to not being able to complete his spiritual practice.

There are many types of beliefs regarding pleasing Hanuman ji, according to the pandits and experts, Hanuman ji is also a deity to be pleased quickly like Lord Shiva, so there are many simple ways to please him.

In such a situation, today we are telling you the special method to please Shri Hanuman. Actually, according to experts, Bajrang Baan is considered to be effective for the fulfillment of material desires. Regarding its unique use, Pandit Sunil Sharma says that to get the blessings of Hanuman ji…

For the accomplishment of your favorite work, choose the day of Mars or Saturday. While chanting a picture or idol of Hanumanji, keep it in front. Use woolen or misrule to sit.

A pure place and a peaceful environment are necessary for the ritual. If it is not accessible in the house, then use it in a lonely place or in a solitary temple of Hanuman.

Keep in mind that in the ritual of Hanuman ji or in the worship etc., the lamp donation has special importance. At the same time, soak five grains (wheat, rice, moong, urad and black sesame) in pure Ganges water after taking a handful of evidence before the ritual. Grind these grains on the day of the ritual and make them a lamp.

For the light, take a string of accents equal to your length or cut a raw yarn equal to the length and color it in red. Now twist this thread five times. Use this type of thread light in fragrant sesame oil. This lamp should be kept burning during the entire worship period. Also arrange for Googul’s fumigation for Hanumanji.

At the beginning of the chanting, make sure that whenever your work is done, you will continue to do anything regularly for Hanumanji. Now start chanting Bajrang Baan by focusing on the image of Hanuman ji with pure pronunciation. Chant a rosary of this in a meeting from “Shri Ram -” to “Siddha Kareen Hanuman”.

It is believed that Hanuman ji is ajar-immortal and he blesses his devotees and takes all their pains. He solves the problems of his devotees in every age. It is believed that Hanuman is such a deity who gets pleased immediately with a little prayer and worship. Tuesday and Saturday are the best days to worship Hanuman.

It is believed that in the house where there is a regular recitation of the Bagran Baan, by giving the scent of Googul, there is no chance of misfortune, impunity, exorcism and incurable physical suffering. Those who are unable to recite daily in lack of time, they should do this chanting at least on every Tuesday.

Twelve Names of Shri Bajrangbali Ji and His Glory…
2-Anjani Sut
3-air son
4- Mahabal
6- Falgun Sakha
8-Amit Vikram
10-sita mourning vinayak
12-Dashagriva Darpaha

According to the belief, the person who takes these twelve names 11 times in the same state as soon as he wakes up in the morning is Diaryu.

: In the afternoon, the person who takes the name is rich. At dusk, the person taking the name is satisfied with family pleasures.

: Whereas the person named after winning at night is victorious over the enemy.

At the same time, it is believed that in addition to these times, the person who continuously chants these twelve names, Lord Hanuman, protects in ten directions and in the sky.

This is recognition …
– These twelve names show their miracle at the time of travel and for the dispute in the court.
– Tying amulets on Tuesday’s day in red ink by writing these twelve names on the feast will never cause headaches. The amulet of the neck or neck is more perfect. The pan or sign pan used for writing on the bhoj patra should be new.

Apart from this, recitation of Sundar Kand should be done every day, if possible, if done on Tuesday and Saturday, Hanuman ji gets blessings.