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How To Get Blessings Of Lord Hanuman On Tuesday – हनुमान जी को खुश करने के 5 अचूक उपाय, एक भी कर लेंगे तो पूरी होगी आपकी हर इच्छा

Worshiping Hanuman ji on Tuesday is considered extremely auspicious. On this day, Hanuman ji is specially offered a chola….

Tuesday and Saturday’s attack is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. On this day, Pawan Putra Hanuman ji is worshiped. Worshiping Hanuman ji on Tuesday is considered extremely auspicious. On this day Chola is offered exclusively to Hanuman ji.

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According to astrology, taking some special measures on Tuesday can fulfill all our desires. These measures are very easy. By adopting them, you can fulfill your every wish. These measures are as follows.

Three days of devotion to Lord Shiva from today, this will be blessed

1. Lord Hanuman ji should offer vermilion on behalf of Ramji, every wish is fulfilled quickly. All sorrows are destroyed by offering vermilion to Hanuman Ji on Tuesday.
-2.If you want to increase your barkat, then take a leaf of the banyan tree in the Brahma Muhurta on Tuesday morning and wash it with Ganga water. Offer Hanumanji on this leaf by writing with vermilion and later keep it in your purse.
-3.Movely offer sweet paan to Hanuman ji. It should not contain tobacco at all. By doing this, there is a chance of getting a job.

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-4. The surest way to get this money is that on Tuesday, Hanuman ji must offer perfume of kevda and garland of rose flowers.
5. If you want to get rid of debt, then sit in the temple of Hanuman on Tuesday and recite the Rama Raksha Str. Also, by doing this, any work is completed by any obstacle.

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