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In those shivling you can see Images of Bholenath, Mata Parvati, Ganeshji and Karthikeya

11 Shivling together on this mountain …

Like this, everyone is not able to understand the miracles of Devadhidev Shankar. Nevertheless, the wonders of Lord Shiva are seen and heard in many places in the world. While many things related to some miracles are revealed, some such miracles are still present in the world which even the common man has failed to understand even science.

One such miracle of Lord Shiva continues in our country India for many years. According to the experts, if you are able to understand the glory of Bholenath, then how can humans understand the glory of Gods? Today, we are referring to one such place full of miracles. You will also be surprised to know that after all, despite having 11 festivals at one place, no one has been able to be there till date. Let us know in detail…

These 11 shivalingas are located here
Actually we are talking that he is in Nawada district of South Bihar. There are 11 Shivalingas installed together on a mountain. But there is no temple at this place. These 11 Shivlinga are situated on the mountain of Dhanwa village of Nardiganj block of Nawada district. It is said that Bholenath likes the open environment here. It is said that many times the walls collapsed each time, trying to give this place a dim shape. That is why people gave up the idea of ​​building a temple here.

All these images show up in Shivalinga
The 11 Shivalingas at one place in Nawada district show images of Bholenath, Mata Parvati, Ganeshji and Karthikeya. Let us tell you that these Shivalingas are not worshiped regularly, but only once a year. That too only on Shivratri day…

These Shivalingas are never worshiped before and after this. However, what is its secret, the curtain has not been lifted from it till date.

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