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Jaya Ekadashi a parv in Sanatan religions where Lord Vishnu is worshiped

There is freedom from every pain …

In Sanatan religions, Lord Vishnu is worshiped on Jaya Ekadashi. This year i.e. in 2021, it is coming on 23 February (Tuesday).

According to Pandit Sunil Sharma, on this day, Lord Vishnu should be offered flowers, water, Akshat, Roli and special fragrant substances. This fast of Jaya Ekadashi is very auspicious. It is believed that a person fasting on this day does not have the fear of going to ghosts, vampires like vagrants. At the same time, he also gets relief from every suffering.

Jaya Ekadashi fasting Muhurta …
Jaya Ekadashi Parana Muhurta: 06:51:55 to 09:09:00 on 24th February
Duration: 2 hours 17 minutes

Jaya Ekadashi fast: worship like this …
Lord Vishnu is worshiped and worshiped on this day.
1. For Jaya Ekadashi fast, the worshiper should take satvik food at the same time on the day of Dashami before fasting. The fast should be restrained and follow Brahmacharya.
2. After bathing in the morning, after taking a resolution of fasting, offering incense, lamp, fruit and panchamrit etc. should be worshiped by Shri Krishna avatar of Lord Vishnu.
3. Awakening at night should perform Bhajan in the name of Shri Hari.
4. On the day of Dwadashi, fasting should be done by giving food to a needy person or a Brahmin, giving alms and donations.

According to experts, Ekadashi fasting is considered very important in Hinduism. There are twenty-four Ekadashis every year, and whenever the Adhikamas or Malamas arrive, their number increases to 26.

According to mythological beliefs, once Dharmaraja Yudhishthira asked Lord Krishna who should worship Magh Shukla Ekadashi, and what is the significance of this Ekadashi. This God replied that this Ekadashi is called Jaya Ekadashi. This Ekadashi is very virtuous.

By observing this, a person is freed from the vagina of all lowly vaginas ie ghosts, ghosts, vampires. Sri Krishna also narrated a story related to Yudhishthira, which is as follows…

The story of Jaya Ekadashi…
Lord Krishna told that once the festival was going on in Nandan forest. All the gods, saints and divine men came to this festival. At the same time Gandharva was singing and Gandharva girls were dancing in a program.

The dancer Pushpavati was fascinated at the Gandharva named Mallywan singing in this meeting. Due to her strong attraction, she forgot the dignity of the gathering and started dancing so that Mallyavan would be attracted to her. This happened and Mallyavan lost his mind and lost his sense of singing and forgot the rhythm.

Indra became enraged at the mistake of both of them and cursed them both to be deprived of heaven and to have a vile vagina on earth. Under the influence of the curse, both became vampires and lived on a tree on the Himalayas, suffering a lot.

Once, on the day of Magh Shukla Paksha Ekadashi, both were extremely sad due to which they did only fruit and they both died due to cold that night. In this way, due to unknowingly fasting of Jaya Ekadashi, both of them got freedom from the vampire vagina.

He became prettier than before and again got a place in heaven. When Devraj Indra saw both of them there, he was surprised and asked how he got liberation from them. Then he told that this is the effect of Jaya Ekadashi of Lord Vishnu.

Indra was pleased with this and said that he is a devotee of Jagadishwar, hence he is revered for them from now on, so enjoy a paradise in heaven.

Jaya Ekadashi worship method
Sri Krishna, who narrated the story, said that it is best to worship Vishnu on the day of Jaya Ekadashi. Those who observe this Ekadashi fast should have a satvik meal at a time from Dashami.

After this, on the day of Ekadashi, meditate on Lord Vishnu and resolve the fast and then worship him with incense, lamp, sandalwood, fruit, sesame and panchamrit. Keep fast for the whole day and if possible, keep the fast at night and do Jagran.

If fasting is not possible at night, you can do falahar. On the second day, ie, after taking the holy donation, take food only.