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Mahashivratri on 11 march and Amavasya will be on 13 march, Holi on 29 march, march festivals, phalgun month festival | 11 तारीख को महाशिवरात्रि और 13 को रहेगी अमावस्या, 29 को खेली जाएगी होली

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  • Mahashivratri On 11 March And Amavasya Will Be On 13 March, Holi On 29 March, March Festivals, Phalgun Month Festival

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  • Should worship Lord Ganesha on Chaturthi, fast on fasting for Shri Krishna and Vishnu on Ekadashi

March has started in the third month of 2021. Many big festivals of Hindi almanac will be celebrated in this month. Holika Dahan will take place after Shivaratri and Amavasya in the month. Know what auspicious things can be done on special dates of the month…

On Tuesday, March 2, the fourth day of the Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month, Angarak Ganesh Chaturthi will be fasting. It is called Angarak Chaturthi with Chaturthi coming on Tuesday. On this date, fast for Ganesha.

It is Vijaya Ekadashi on Tuesday, March 9. Do fast for Lord Vishnu on this day. Offer Makhan Mishri to Lord Krishna. K कृ कृ कृa Krishnāya Namā: Chant the mantra.

Saturday, March 13 is the new moon day of Phalgun. On this day, do special incense-meditation for the ancestral deity. Perform Shraddh and Tarpan. Offer water to the people and do seven rounds.

On Sunday, March 14, there is Pisces Sankranti. On this day, Sun will enter Pisces from Aquarius. Kharmas will start from this day. Take a bath in a holy river on Sankranti. Worship the sun.

Vinayaki Chaturthi is on Wednesday, 17 March. Offer Lord Ganesha on this day. Perform Aarti by lighting incense and lamps. Do fasting.

Holashtak will start from Sunday, March 21. From this day onwards, all kinds of auspicious works will be forbidden.

Amalaki Ekadashi is on Wednesday, March 24. On this day, anoint Lord Krishna with saffron mixed milk. Fast for Lord Vishnu.

It is Phalgun Purnima on Sunday, 28 March. Holika Dahan will be done on this date. Holi will be played the next day on Monday. The new Hindi month Chaitra will begin.

Ganesh Chaturthi fast will be observed on Wednesday, March 31. Fast for Ganesha. Chant the names of Lord Ganpati.

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