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mangawal and ekadashi yog on 23 february, ekadashi puja on 23 february, ekadashi puja tips, worship method for bal gopal | मंगलवार और एकादशी का योग, विष्णु-लक्ष्मी के साथ ही बालकृष्ण और हनुमानजी की पूजा भी जरूर करें

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  • Mangawal And Ekadashi Yog On 23 February, Ekadashi Puja On 23 February, Ekadashi Puja Tips, Worship Method For Bal Gopal

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  • Aja Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Magh month today, apply Kanhaji to Makhan-Mishri on this date.

According to Hindi Panchang, the Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Magh month is Tuesday, 23 February. It is known as Jaya, Aja and Bhishma Ekadashi. It is believed that those who fast on this Ekadashi, worship Vishnu, get rid of their sinful deeds inadvertently. According to Ujjain’s astrologer Pt Manish Sharma, know the special things related to this Ekadashi …

The importance of Ekadashis is told in Skanda Purana

Hindi Panchang has two sides in a month. One side comes to Ekadashi. In this way, there are a total of 24 eleven months in 12 months. When the overdose arrives, there are 26 monasteries. The importance of all Ekadashi is explained in the Ekadashi Mahatmya chapter of Skanda Purana. Fasting is done on Ekadashis and after Vishnu Puja, donations are made to Brahmins.

Must worship Mahalakshmi-Vishnu on Ekadashi

Worship Lord Vishnu with Lakshmiji on Ekadashi. Do the consecration. Fill saffron mixed milk in the south-facing conch and anoint. Offer fruits, flowers, Ganges water, incense lamps and prasad etc. in the worship. Have a fruit harvest once a day. Light a lamp in front of Lord Vishnu at night. Chant the mantras of God. On the next day i.e. on Dwadashi, give a donation to a Brahmin. Take food after this. Donating any kind of warm clothes in this fast is considered very auspicious.

Do this auspicious work on Ekadashi as well

Offer 21 knots of Durva to Ganesha and chant the Shri Ganeshaya Namah Mantra 108 times. Ganesha is worshiped as Gajanand. That is why feed sugarcane to an elephant. Worship Riddhi-Siddhi along with Ganesha.

Light incense and recite Hanuman Chalisa in front of Hanumanji. Worship Shree Ram. Om Ramdootay Namah: Chant the mantra at least 108 times.

Offer banana and halwa to Lord Vishnu. Offer yellow clothes to Vishnu. Add Balakrishna to Makhan-Mishri with basil.