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Most Amazing Shiva Temple of world where Many ‘incurable diseases’ are overcome

Secret of Panchmukhi Shivling …

In this way, you must have heard or seen about all the Shiva temples of the country. While many of these temples are considered to be miraculous, whose science has not been discovered till date, you must have also read the incidents related to the miracles of these temples in many places. In such a situation, today we are telling you about such Shiva temple in the country, in relation to which it is said that many incurable diseases are cured by the mere touch of the Shivling present here. In fact, people have deep faith in the temple of Bodheshwar Mahadev located near Bangarmau in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh. It is said about this temple that with the touch of Shivling located in the temple, the long-suffering severe diseases are cured. Not only this, devotees come from all over the country to visit this temple and get freedom from their diseases along with philosophy.

There is a very popular story about this temple according to which it is said that once the king of Naval, Lord Shiva came in his dream and ordered to establish Panchmukhi Shivling, Nandi and Navagraha. After receiving orders from Lord Shiva, the king started this work and when the Panchmukhi Shivalinga, Nandi and Navagraha were built, they started entering the city on a chariot.

Then suddenly the wheel of the chariot started sinking in the ground and even after a million attempts, the chariot wheel could not be lifted from the ground. In the end, the king established Shivling, Nandi and Navagraha at the same place and built a grand temple. At the same time, because of the realization of Lord Shiva, this temple is called the temple of ‘Bodheshwar Mahadev’.

This temple is amazing
The structure of this temple is very beautiful and is said to be a 15th century artwork. Regarding the Panchmukhi Shivling stone installed in the temple, it is said that this stone is rare and has become extinct 400 years ago. Now these stones are not found on the earth. At the same time, the stones which are planted in Nandi and Navagraha have been mosaic of Stone Age, which is amazing in itself.

Thousands of snakes in the middle of the night
Locals living here say that snakes come to this temple in thousands in the midnight and after touching the Shivling, go back to the forests. However, people also point out that till date the local people have not been harmed by these snakes. These snakes come quietly and go back to their abode after touching the Shivalinga.

Diseases are curable
It is also popular about this temple that people come here and touch the Shivling of the temple and their long-standing incurable diseases are also cured.