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motivational quotes on diwali, deepawali messages, deepawali quotes in hindi, life management tips on deepawali | सभी के साथ एक समान व्यवहार करें, दीपक गरीब के घर में जले या अमीर के घर में, एक समान प्रकाश देता है

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2 month ago

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  • Diwali on 14 November, on this day should help others and try to eradicate darkness from their lives

Deepawali is on Saturday, 14 November. On this day, Shri Ram killed Ayodhya by killing Ravana, people lit lamps in his welcome. On this date, Goddess Lakshmi had appeared from the churning of the sea. This festival gives the message of spreading light by eliminating darkness. People who have darkness in their lives due to poverty, efforts should be made to bring happiness in their lives by helping such people.

Know some of the inspiring ideas related to Deepawali, which can eliminate many of our troubles by adopting …

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Always keep using something in your work, new methods increase the importance of your success.

There are five things that bring unrest and destruction in our lives, stay away from these wrong practices

When people praise you, find falsehood in it, if criticize, seek truth in it.

It is different to accept or not follow the advice given by the life partner, but never make fun of his advice

Confusion not only weakens you, but can also cause defeat

The first lesson in life management, before saying anything, it is important to understand who is the hearer.