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pitru dev puja vidhi, shanishchari amawasya on 13 march, significance of shanishchari amawasya | शनिश्चरी अमावस्या पर शनि पूजा के साथ ही करें पितर देवता का धूप-ध्यान, पूजा के बाद दान-पुण्य करें

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Saturday, March 13 is the new moon day of Phalgun. When this date occurs on Saturday, it is called Shani Sashri Amavasya. According to Hindi Panchang, there are two parts Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha in a month. One party lasts 15 days. Lunar increases in Shukla Paksha and Lunar decreases in Krishna Paksha. The moon becomes completely invisible on Amavasya. Shukla Paksha of Falgun Paksha will start from Sunday.

According to Ujjain’s astrologer Pt Manish Sharma, there are sixteen arts of the moon. Sixteenth art is called ama. When Sun and Moon are together in the same zodiac, then Amavasya is the date. On March 13, the Sun and the Moon will be in Aquarius.

In relation to Amavasya, it is written in Skandpuran that-

Ama Shodha Bhagain Devi Prokta Mahakala.

Sanstita Parma Maya Dehinam Dehdharini.

This means that Ama has been called the Mahakala of Chandra, it has the powers of all the sixteen arts of Chandra. This art does not decay and rise.

Do’s and Don’ts on Amavasya

  • In the scriptures, Amavasya is called a festival. Cleanliness should be done in the house on this date. Keep peace at home Do not trouble. On this day you can also sprinkle cow urine in the house, it maintains the purity of the house and removes negativity.
  • Do special puja for Shani Dev on Shani Shastri Amavasya. Light a lamp of sesame oil in front of Shani Dev. Chant the mantra: Om Shanshancharaya. Have oil and black sesame day.
  • The lord of Amavasya Tithi is believed to be Pitrudev. Therefore, for the fulfillment of the ancestors on Amavasya, there is the importance of performing tarpan, shraddha karma and, incense-meditation and charity.
  • It is a tradition to bathe in a holy river on Amavasya. On this day, there is a tradition of mantra chanting, penance and fasting. Offer water to Suryadev and chant ‘Om Surya Namah’ mantra.
  • Go to a Shiva temple on Amavasya and perform anointing by filling water in a copper lotus. High Nam: Chant the Shivaaya Mantra. Light a lamp in front of Hanumanji and recite Hanuman Chalisa.

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