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Rules of giving Arghya to surya dev for getting blessings

In Sanatan Dharma where Sun God is considered as one of the Adi Panch Devas and the only visible deity of the Kali Yuga. At the same time, in astrology, the sun has been considered the king of the planets. According to Vedic astrology, Sun is considered to be the father of stars.

At the same time, Sun plays an important role in the study of horoscopes. According to astrology, the Sun never moves. Calculation of the Hindu calendar is possible only on the basis of the movement of the Sun in different zodiac signs. There are 12 zodiac signs in the zodiac. Therefore, the sun takes one year to complete the zodiac.

In fact, in the Sanatan culture, the Sun is not only considered as a natural source of giving light, but it is placed in the category of deities. Therefore, there has always been a practice of worshiping the Sun God in Hindu culture.

The sun is not only the destroyer of darkness, but its light also contains many such elements, from which we get freedom from diseases. The powers derived from the Sun God in the scriptures are also described in detail in our religious texts and scriptures.

To get the medical and spiritual benefits of Surya, people wake up in the morning and do Surya Namaskar. According to the Hindu calendar, Sunday is dedicated to the planet Sun, which is considered to be an important day of the week.

To get the blessings of Sun God, people wake up early in the morning and offer Arghya to them. Arghya of Sun is considered very important in the scriptures. By doing this according to the belief, on one hand, the respect of the person in the society also increases.

On the other hand, the defects related to the Sun in the horoscope begin to be removed. But many times people make such mistakes while offering arghya due to which they do not get the fruits of it. In such a situation, today we are telling you about the major mistakes, which the Sun God gets annoyed by doing …

Do not forget mistakes even …

: Do not just offer water
Whenever you worship the Sun God, you should offer red flowers, jaggery flowers and rice and offer sweet food. Even after forgetting the empty water, one should not offer it to the Sun God. It is believed that by doing this God becomes angry. Therefore, keep flowers or intact with water. If you want, you can add roli, sandalwood or even red flowers in the water.

: No water in the feet
Offer the Sun with Arghya Lotte, but keep in mind that water should not fall directly on your feet. The reason for this is believed that the person who starts putting water in his feet while giving water to the Sun, does not get the blessings of the Sun God.

: What time should you give water
Well, water should be offered to the Sun God regularly, but Sunday is considered the best day for it. That is why even those who want to give water to the sun every day, they are also advised to start it from Sunday itself. But keep in mind that offering water to the Sun in Brahma Muhurta is the most beneficial. Therefore, take bath in the morning and wear clean clothes and offer water to the sun.

: Give arghya like this
While offering Arghya to the Sun, use a copper lotus and hold the vessel with both your hands. Then offer it over the head. By doing this, the rays of the sun pass through the water and fall directly on the body.

: Take care of the direction
Many people offer water, but some people offer water in the wrong direction many times. Which is considered inappropriate, so whenever you give arghya to the sun, keep in mind that your face is towards the east.

If ever Sun God is not seen due to bad weather, still offer water by facing towards east. While offering water, keep in mind that the rays of the sun must be visible from the middle of the water’s edge.

Aarti of Sun God …
Lord Jai Sun God
Jai Ho Dinkar Bhagwan.
Eye of the world,
You are the triple form.
All meditation, meditation
Lord Om Sun God
4 Om Jai Sun God ..॥

Lord you are the charioteer,
White lotus
You four sides 4
Horse is seven,
Koti kiran pasare
You are great God
4 Om Jai Sun God ..॥

In the summer when you
Udayachal would have come.
Everyone would then see
Spreading light,
When everyone wakes up
Then everyone praises.
4 Om Jai Sun God ..॥

Bhubaneswar in the evening
Used to get unstuck.
Godhan then came home.
At dusk,
Every house in every courtyard.
Yes, sing praises.
4 Om Jai Sun God ..॥

Dev Danuj Male Female,
Sage Munivar Bhajate.
Chanting aditya heart
The source is this,
Its composition is unique.
Give new life
4 Om Jai Sun God ..॥

You are the trike creator,
Tum Jag’s base.
Glory then infinite
By storing up the life,
Used to give devotees his own.
Strength and knowledge॥
4 Om Jai Sun God ..॥

Groundwater variable mule,
You are the soul of everyone.
You are the soul of all living beings.
Veda Purana Bakhane,
All of you believe in religion.
You are the omnipotent power.
4 Om Jai Sun God ..॥

Worshiping directions,
Worship Dash Dikpal.
You are the guardian of Bhuvan.
Seasons your maid,
You eternal indestructible.
Shubhakari Anshuman 4
4 Om Jai Sun God ..॥

Lord Jai Sun God
Jai Ho Dinkar Bhagwan.
The eyes of the world,
You are the triple form
All meditation, meditation
Lord Om Sun God