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Shubh Muhurat in Kharmas 2020 in indian jyotish

Marriage, Mundan, Home entry in Kharmas is not a demanding task like …

This year i.e. 2020 Kharmas has started from the night of 15 December 2020. According to astrology experts, many auspicious works are considered taboo in Kharmas, as well as the ringing of shehnaiyas has been stopped during this time. Due to this, other Manglik works including marriage have stopped. In Kharmas there are no mangical functions like marriage, shaving, marriage etc.

Actually, all these works are forbidden due to Sun’s entry into Sagittarius i.e. Dhanu Sankranti. After this, Manglik works start again from the beginning of Makar Sankranti. This year Kharmas is from 15 December to 14 January. However, there are some such works in Kharmas which are not forbidden to be done. Let us know what can be done in Kharmas.

According to Pandit Sunil Sharma land, vehicles, houses and new clothes can be purchased in Kharmas. Shopping is not prohibited in the scriptures. But, one should not buy gold and things related to Guru in Kharmas. Auspicious time is being obtained to buy vehicles, land and houses in this Kharmas.

Auspicious time to buy land and houses
There are 6 auspicious days for buying land and houses in Kharmas. You can buy houses and land on 31 December 2020, 03 January 2021, 04 January, 08 January, 09 January and 12 January.

Vehicle buying time
There is auspicious time of 7 days to purchase a vehicle during the time of Kharmas. You can purchase vehicles on 18 December, 20 December, 27 December, 30 December, 01 January 2021, 06 January and 08 January.

Mangal work is not done in Kharmas
In Kharmas, there are no demanding functions like marriage, engagement, shaving, house entry. It is said that when the Sun is in Sagittarius, a strange result is obtained. It is not good for organisms. People should worship Lord Surya Narayana during the time of Kharmas.