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Worshiping This Idol Of Hanuman Ji Gives You A Job – घर में इस दिशा में रखें हनुमानजी की प्रतिमा, दूर होंगी सारी समस्याएं, हो जाएंगे वारे न्यारे

One should always worship Uttamukhi and Dakshinamukhi Hanuman. It is believed that by doing this one gets blessings of all the deities….

The abode of Lord Hanuman, the supreme devotee of Shri Ram, is said to be on earth. In Hinduism, people believe Hanuman a lot. It is said that Hanuman ji gets separated from anyone who is happy. It is believed that Lord Hanuman is a deity to be happy very soon, but do you know in which direction the statue of Lord Hanuman should be kept in the house.

If you too are a devotee of Hanuman ji, then keep in mind that according to that, the idol of Pawansut and the direction to install it should be. According to astrology, if some things are taken care of, then the desired wish is fulfilled soon. Let us know which idols of Hanuman ji should be worshiped according to our wishes.

By taking this remedy, you get the full result of worship
Although there are many such idols or photos of Pawanaputra, whose worship removes all the sufferings of a man, but if the desire to fulfill a particular wish or to overcome the miseries of the house, then the idol of Hanumanji’s special posture should be kept.

The north facing and south facing Hanuman should be worshiped in the house. It is believed that by doing this, all the deities are blessed. Along with it comes happiness and prosperity in the house. The problem of mental clash also goes away. But if there is any difficulty in the work area, then Lord Hanuman with white colored idol should be worshiped at home and at work.

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