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The marriage of Lord Shiva and the marriage was called off

Shakti in the soil of this temple …

You must have heard about the marriage of Lord Shiva, one of the Adi Panch Devas of Hinduism. When Lord Shiva went with a procession to marry Sati, many things of that time are still read in religious books. At the same time, Devbhoomi Uttarakhand is also considered by many as the land of Lord Shiva, because it is also believed to be the abode of Lord Shankar on Mount Kailash. At the same time, his in-laws are also considered here.

There is also a story related to the marriage of Lord Shiva to Bhootnath Temple in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. The Bhootnath temple located here is known for its beauty and quaintness, but more than that its bizarre and spiritual-mythological significance has made this temple famous.

This is the story of the temple?
It is believed that when Lord Shankar took out a wedding procession with his wife, Mother ‘Sati’, his father-in-law King Daksha is said to have ordained Lord Shiva with his procession in this Bhootnath temple. Lord Shiva spent the night here with all the devas, gana, ghosts and all the Baratis involved in his procession. Another thing is very popular about this supernatural temple and it surprises all the visitors.

This temple is also known as Gupta temple. It is believed that by coming here, ghosts and obstacles are removed. If someone is suffering from incurable disease, then he must visit this temple and pray to Bhole Baba. It is believed that only the true devotees of Lord Shiva get darshan in this temple.

The strength of this temple is considered to be in the soil. Devotees who come here take the Mati of this temple with them. If someone is troubled by depression or any drug addiction or the mind is very restless, then such devotees must visit Baba here.

Apart from this, there are 10 bells all around the Lord Shivalinga located here and out of 10 bells there are different sounds. Even when ringing together, people are surprised to see these bells that sound different.

Such is the structure of the temple?
The place of Rishikesh is very important among the holy shrines of Uttarakhand state. Talking about Bhootnath temple in Rishikesh, it falls in the Swargashram region and this temple is dedicated to Lord Shankar.

This temple is surrounded by Rajaji National Park on three sides, due to which the greenery spread towards it attracts people towards it. Bhootnath Temple is a seven-storey building and on its first floor you can find stories related to Lord Shankar through pictures.

Along with this, pictures of all deities besides Hanuman and Nandi are on every floor of this temple. At the same time, the last is a small Shiva temple on the seventh floor, in whose premises the procession of Lord Shiva and his ghosts is described through pictures. The view of Rishikesh from the seventh floor of this temple looks very delightful and enchanting.

How to reach Bhoothnath temple?
Bhootnath Temple is located in Rishikesh and to reach here you have to first come to Haridwar. The distance from Haridwar here is only 25 kilometers. To reach Haridwar, you will get trains, buses from any city. From Haridwar you will get a taxi or bus from Har Ki Pauri which will take you to Rishikesh.